Broadband Legislation for Electric Cooperatives

June 24, 2019

Written By: Daniel Phillips, Telecom Sales Engineer Georgia is the most recent state to pass legislation affecting electric cooperatives that want to provide broadband to their members. More than 100 electric cooperatives across the nation are currently deploying broadband, while more than 200 others are planning and conducting feasibility studies. Here is a summary of […]

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Welcome to Gresco’s New UAS Service Center

May 23, 2019

Written By: Allen Wheeler, UAS Service Technician It was Christmas 2017. The whole family traveled to Macon, Georgia as we hosted the annual holiday festivities. When it came time for the gift exchange, I chose the most intriguing box under the tree. It was a drone! A bright, shiny, new aircraft. As my inner child […]

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Gresco’s 18th Annual Expo: An Occasion to Remember

April 11, 2019

Gresco’s Expo is an annual event where hundreds of customers, vendors, and employees have the opportunity to discuss the latest products and innovations in their respective industries. It’s also a convenient way for customers to network with other professionals in the industry. The 18th Annual Expo took place on Friday, March 29, in the Gresco […]

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Gresco Solar: Significant Strides and Solar Farms

March 12, 2019

Written By: Mike Williams, Sr. VP – Georgia Public Power Although we did not move the Earth and Sun (pun intended) in 2018, Gresco did make significant strides in becoming a stronger player in the solar market. We completed six 50KW projects for the Alabama Municipal Electric Authority (with three remaining) and we completed a […]

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New Voltage Regulating Technology

February 11, 2019

Written by: Steve Wright, Technical Service Representative, Gresco Utility Supply “100-year-old industry with 100-year-old technology doing what they’ve been doing the same way for 100+ years. Where’s the excitement in that? Why are you wasting your engineering education?” This is essentially what a professor said to me in response to his query of my job […]

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Blessed to Keep Progressing

January 9, 2019

To our Valued Customers, Another year has come and gone. While we have celebrated with family and friends through a wonderful holiday season, I would like to take a moment to reflect on the past year while also providing a glimpse of the coming future for Gresco. With the many blessings that Gresco witnessed throughout […]

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A Timeline of Christmas Tree Lighting

December 2, 2018

Written by: The GRESCO Lighting Group The lighting of the Christmas tree is documented in the German Renaissance period, when candles were placed on the tree to represent Jesus, The Light of the World. The first documented use of electric Christmas tree lights was recorded in 1882, at the home of Edward H. Johnson, the […]

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A Record-Breaking Year: Recapping Gresco’s 14th Annual Florida Fall Fest

November 14, 2018

Every year, Gresco’s Florida Fall Fest gets bigger and better, and this year was certainly record-breaking. Gresco’s 14th Annual Fall Fest welcomed more than 412 customers, vendors, and employees! We were able to add six booths to our floor plan this year for a total of 71 booths, compared to last year’s 65 booths. Fall […]

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Power Utilities Turn to Broadband for Additional Revenue

October 4, 2018

Author: Billy Wise, Senior Design Engineer/Manager of Telecom As the world advances, many rural electric utilities are experiencing a reduction in load.  This reduction can be attributed to the new electrical efficacies, or, just a simple loss of metered customers.  How can this loss of meters be combated?  One of the simplest antidotes is for rural […]

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2018 FL Fall Fest to be held October 26, 2018

September 12, 2018

THIS IS THE 14TH ANNUAL GRESCO FALL FEST!! It is that time of year again! Come out and join us for fun, food, and catching up with old acquaintances! Register Here (Gresco Customer Registration Only) An expo will be held that is open to both manufacturers/vendors and customers to attend. This event allows manufacturers/vendors to […]

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