Gresco Expands North Lot at Wildwood, Florida Warehouse

Published on March 15th, 2024

After extensive planning, our Wildwood, Florida location has expanded to their North lot! Preparations began in September 2022 to secure all required documentation and permitting for this project. Along with moving and expanding the retention pond, several native animals, such as gophers and tortoises, needed to be re-homed in order for this project to move forward.

This expansion will allow Wildwood to increase their efficiencies with their current inventory, while also allowing for a 100 x 210 sq ft open shed for storing wire products. Currently, 175,000 sq ft of the 250,000 total sq ft of concrete has been poured, with work having begun to clear the lot on October 10, 2023. Several security features have been added, including new cameras, additional lighting & enhanced fencing, and electronic gate controls.

Throughout Gresco, warehouses are working to implement a new TWL management system, which allows employees to use a barcode scanner to track inventory going in and out of our warehouses. In order for this system to function across the large scapes of concrete, antenna boosters have been added to the light poles to increase wifi support, along with several miles of fiber optic cables running under the concrete.

This project is scheduled to be complete in May 2024.

Congratulations to all who have worked diligently to put this project in motion and oversee its completion!

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