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Electric Cooperatives

With more than 80% of electric vehicle owners charging at home, EV charging stations present a new opportunity for electric cooperatives to serve the growing needs of their consumer members while expanding revenue. With smart incentives for the customer, such as off-peak charging and time-of-use rates, cooperatives can improve the utilization of the grid and grow the load using existing infrastructure.


As the number of electrical vehicles on the road increases with each year, so does the need for public charging. Installing EV charging stations in the town benefits more than just its residents, employees and visitors who need a charge. The addition drives tourism and stimulates the local economy. With charging stations, municipalities demonstrate their ongoing commitment to both the community and the environment.

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Municipalities, electric cooperatives and other power utilities can lower operational and maintenance costs, reduce fleet emissions and increase reliability by replacing fleets powered on internal combustion engines with electric vehicles.


By installing EV charging stations for public use, municipalities not only provide an invaluable service to electric vehicle drivers but show thought leadership in clean transportation initiatives. This relatively low-cost investment has proven to attract new businesses, drive foot traffic and revitalize neighborhoods.


With the electric vehicle market projected to grow 20% in the next decade, cities will continue to see an increased demand for EV charging stations at rest stops, hotels, restaurants and shopping centers. The added amenity and demonstrated commitment to cleaner air can turn a passing visitor to a repeat customer.


Electric vehicle owners who rely on the convenience of home charging are more incentivized than ever to purchase faster chargers that will get them back on the road faster. With a wide range of Level 2 EV charging stations available today for home use, power utilities can improve the experience of EV ownership for their customers and grow revenue streams.

EV Charger Comparison

Level 2 Residential

Key Features

  • Charge up to 9X faster; delivers up to 37 miles of range per hour
  • Flexible amperage settings from 16-50 amps
  • Includes plug-in and hardwired installation options
  • 23-foot charging cable
  • Works with every EV on the market
  • Track charging in real-time through in-app capabilities
Level 2 Commercial

Key Features

  • Offers one or two standard SAE J1772 "Level 2 charging ports with locking holsters
  • 3.7 - 19.2 kW per port
  • Pedestal and wall mounting options
  • Single or dual port, bollard or wall mount, with 18 or 23 foot cables
  • Portal-based software to track maintenance, usage, and revenue
Level 3/DC Fast Charger

Key Features

  • 62.5 kW with up to 250 miles of range per hour
  • Swing arms make it easy to reach ports in any location
  • Universal compatibility ensures all vehicles with fast charging capabilities can be accommodated
  • Modular components are designed to be field installable without any specialized tools or expertise

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Electrical Cooperatives

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