LED Lighting

Gresco has the product knowledge, expertise and logistical support to recommend the right solutions for your lighting needs.

The Gresco Legacy

Reap the benefits of the same cost effective logistics, warehouse network and manufacturer relationships that have made Gresco a trusted utility partner since 1960.

Our Lighting Expertise

Our seasoned lighting specialists have the product knowledge, industry experience and understanding of local ordinances to light up your facilities and spaces.

Our Warehouse Network

Depend on our recently expanded warehouse facilities and vast inventory of outdoor lighting products to help you complete a lighting project of any scale.

Gresco has expertise in a broad range of lighting applications


Whether it is a new installation or an upgrade to a busy intersection, we can help you improve road safety with sustainable lighting solutions.

Utility Warehouses

We have hands-on experience of equipping utility warehouses and buildings with lighting fixtures that prioritize the well-being of your personnel.

Decorative - Residential Communities

We offer a variety of energy-efficient luminaires to brighten your residential streets, pedestrian walkways, bicycle paths and courtyards.

Parking Lots

Increase the safety of your parking lots with LED lights that give you more control and energy savings than traditional lighting.

Recreational Fields

From athletic fields to outdoor courts, we can work with your budgetary requirements to illuminate your public recreational spaces.

Decorative - Municipal

Revitalize your downtown, illuminate waterfronts and energize your city’s events with decorative pole lights and fixtures that are easy on the eye.

Unparalleled capabilities to light up your project

Lighting Procurement & Stock

We source and stock a full range of utility lighting equipment to provide you with essential products on an on-demand basis.

Lighting Inventory Management

Our unrivaled inventory management capabilities let you lighten the burden on your resources by keeping your stock levels high and your costs low.

Illumination Comparisons

Always know the right light for any project. Our expert team offers photometric product evaluations for confident design decisions and ideal illuminations.

Lighting Product Education

Knowledge is power. Gresco empowers you with knowledge about lighting materials, installation and design to meet the desired standards and specifications.

Photometric Layouts & IES Recommendations

Our lighting specialists can create photometric layouts to help you determine the best designs, products and placement for maximum safety, satisfaction and savings.

Decades of dedication as a valued partner and LED Lighting provider

Electrical Cooperatives

A trusted supply chain partner to electrical cooperatives since day one, Gresco is committed to continuing to evolve to meet and exceed your needs.

Investor Owned Utilities (IOUs)

For decades, Investor Owned Utilities have relied on Gresco for the most innovative, reliable and safe products and solutions at competitive prices.


Just as your customers depend on you for power delivery, you can depend on Gresco’s team of utility specialists to provide the best service at the best price.

Utility Contractors

You empower your customers, and we empower you. Our logistical support enables contractors to reduce overhead and streamline operations.

Offering a wide selection of products from our partners

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