Gresco offers a variety of value-added benefits and services that maximize operational efficiency, minimize costs and ensure our customers are supported through the entire journey of the project or field operation.
Inventory Solutions
Jobsite Delivery
Crane Services
Emergency Response
Cable & Wire Management
Training and Consultation
Tool Service & Repairs
As a stocking distributor, we understand the importance of a well-maintained inventory. But we also know that managing inventory internally can be both costly and time-consuming. This is why we offer a number of supply chain solutions that help you reduce your operating costs while still maintaining optimal levels of stock at all times.
Inventory Management

Gresco has implemented sophisticated and robust technologies to manage inventory at our own facilities, which span a total of approximately 50 acres of warehouse and outdoor space.

We leverage this experience and strong relationships with our industry partners to offer inventory management and logistical support for our customers’ warehouses.

Whether it is for one type of product or an entire warehouse inventory, we can work with you to implement a system that reduces your overhead while ensuring that you have access to your material when you need it.

Material Kitting

Material kitting streamlines the ordering process and minimizes the number of product SKUs you have to track. Gresco’s extensive inventory enables us to kit material quickly and efficiently for orders both large and small.

Let us lighten your load. Gresco’s private fleet of trucks and certified operators are available to deliver the most critical and heavy material to you faster than ever and on the schedule you require. We will package, palletize and deliver your order directly to the job site, saving you both time and money. To date, Gresco has participated in more than 2,200 jobsite deliveries, 200 of which took place in 2018.
Scheduled Deliveries

Your material will arrive on the job site exactly when you need it, never too late or too early. When needed, Gresco’s representatives will work with your project schedule to determine the optimal delivery windows and cadence.

One-Touch Material Handling

Our team of professionals strives to provide one-touch material handling, thereby maximizing efficiency, minimizing the chances of material damage and streamlining the entire delivery process.

Our Fleet

Today, Gresco’s fleet comprises a number of trucks, tractors, trailers and cranes. Whatever your needs, we have the right equipment to deliver even the heaviest of loads, including substation transformers, three-phase transformers, heavy reels of wire, concrete vaults and more!

Our Drivers

It is rare to find drivers as experienced and empowered as the ones you’ll find behind the wheels of Gresco’s trucks. Our team of certified drivers has a combined 60+ years of over-the-road experience and are always ready to go the extra mile to ensure you are satisfied with your delivery.

Our crane services and deliveries are available for all your heavy-lifting needs, whether it is new material or material already in use. You can count on us to deliver substation transformers, three-phase transformers, heavy reels of wire, concrete vaults and more, all directly to your job site.
Our Fleet

Gresco currently has two cranes in its fleet. Our Florida-based crane can haul 18,000 LBS, and it can lift the following at these extensions:

  • 44' – 10,000 LBS.
  • 37' – 11,900 LBS.
  • 30' – 14,600 LBS.
  • 24' – 18,900 LBS.
  • 19' – 24,400 LBS.
  • 14' – 32,600 LBS.

Our Georgia-based crane can haul 15,000 LBS, and it can lift the following at these extensions:

  • 35' – 15,780 LBS.
  • 30' – 19,400 LBS.
  • 25' – 24,250 LBS.
  • 20' – 31,300 LBS.
  • 15' – 38,000 LBS.
Our Operators

Gresco’s certified crane operators have extensive experience working with local utilities to haul and set heavy power distribution equipment. You can rely on them to provide efficient and friendly service while following all safety protocols.

Just as your customers depend on you, you can depend on Gresco to deliver the material and services you need to get the job done in an emergency situation. We have a proven track record of providing swift and competent storm response to local utilities following disasters such as hurricanes and tornadoes. Our staff rely on years of hands-on experience, logistical support and in-house technology to ensure each customer has everything they need to restore power and resume normal operation.
Same and Next-Day Deliveries

Our strategically located warehouses and private fleet of trucks enable Gresco to quickly respond to emergency situations with same-day and next-day deliveries. We have a large stock of electric utility supply distributed throughout our warehouses in southeast US, as well as access to additional stock in our distribution network. You can count on us to deliver substation transformers, three-phase transformers, heavy reels of wire, concrete vaults and more, all directly to your job site.

Emergency Stock

As part of our emergency response plan, Gresco keeps an even larger inventory during storm season. Because our philosophy is not to rely on the manufacturer for our customers’ stocking needs, we can provide you with a 3-month average usage stock level for any materials you choose to store in our warehouse. To better serve all our customers, we recently expanded our warehouse facilities in Florida, Georgia and Alabama.

Our Warehouses

Gresco’s warehouses are strategically located throughout the southeast US, minimizing the time it takes to deliver critical supplies in time of need. We have almost 1 million square feet of combined warehouse and yard storage in:

  • Wildwood, FL
  • Forsyth, GA
  • Dothan & Huntsville, AL
  • Port Allen, LA
  • Mount Olive, MS
  • Nashville, TN
Our Inventory

We stock a variety of material for storm restoration efforts, all of which are readily available for Gresco customers.

  • Thousands of single-phase pole and pad-mounted transformers
  • Hundreds of three-phase transformers, in sizes of up to 2,500 kVA
  • Master reels to coils of conductor, fiber optic cable, and other cables
  • Tools and materials necessary to build an electric distribution system
Reduce labor, slash waste and save money with our wire and cable cutting and re-spooling services. Our capabilities include custom cut-to-length conductor, paralleling multiple conductors on a single reel, and re-spooling conductor from damaged reels to new reels.
Cable and Wire Inventory

We maintain a reliable stock of cable and wire that our customers may need for electric utility, telecom and lighting projects. Our inventory includes master reels to coils of conductor, fiber optic cable, connectors, and more!

Custom Cut-To-Length Conductor

Reduce waste and save money with our cable and wire cutting services tailored to your requirement. Our high-precision equipment cuts and reels custom lengths of conductor, including medium-voltage cable, bare overhead, and low-voltage conductor.

Re-Spooling Conductor

If you have a damaged reel, we can re-spool conductor onto a new reel to your specifications, all while saving you money and time. We will pick up the conductor at your facility, transport it to our reeling operation, repackage your materials and return it to your yard or any other location.

Paralleling Conductor

To streamline your installation. we can load multiple conductors onto a single reel to give you the ability of making a single pull for a complete section of line.

To get the job done right, you need more than just materials and equipment. That’s why we offer on-demand jobsite training and demonstration sessions led by our skilled technical professionals and manufacturer reps.
Training Seminars & Product Demos

We are available year-round to provide training seminars at a time convenient to you, at your preferred location. We have previously held seminars at Gresco’s offices, warehouses, our customers’ facilities, and even in the field. No matter what location you choose, we can work with you to arrange a seminar that meets your needs.

Our long-standing industry partnerships enable us to provide you with additional support. We often invite manufacturer representatives to demo equipment, showcase product features and answer questions. They are also able to offer training that earns CEUs. When needed, Gresco can sponsor factory tours and site visits to resolve any technical issues you may face.

Team Expertise

Our team consists of experts in each product market that we serve, including lighting, telecom, UAS, solar, EV charging, and others. Our Technical Service Representatives have diverse experience in the engineering, technical, and management areas of the electric utility industry. We strive to keep up with current technology and regulations and pass on this knowledge to our customers.

Gresco’s tool and line service personnel have 15+ years of experience and knowledge in the field as linemen and sales representatives and are uniquely positioned to understand what you need to work efficiently and safely.

Get efficient and cost-effective tool repairs, coordinated to minimize disruptions to your work.
Our Commitment

When searching for a utility tool and safety equipment provider, it is tempting to simply look at price and not consider the cost. At Gresco, providing customers cost effective solutions is only one of the services that we provide. Gresco tool specialists understand the meaning of added value. Every day, we leverage experience, relationships with vendors, and product knowledge to create value. Simply put, Gresco delivers more than price.

Tool Repair Pickup & Returns

If you have a tool that’s malfunctioning or broken, we are your safety net. A Gresco representative will pick up your tool and coordinate directly with the manufacturer to ensure correct repairs. Once repairs are complete, we will deliver the tool back to you in a timely manner.

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