With the Tellus Dual Port Level 2 Charger, you can get affordable EV charging for the best value. The simple and sleek design makes it user-friendly and saves you valuable real estate. Made with rugged, ¼” aircraft-grade and marine-grade aluminum, this is the industry’s most durable, long-lasting station. The Tellus Dual Port Level 2 chargers deliver a full 7.2kW charge to two vehicles simultaneously – no power-sharing required. Interested to learn more? Check out additional details and specs below or contact Gresco’s Renewable Technology Specialist, Gunner Goldie at [email protected] for more info!

World's Toughest-Built, Low Cost, High-Performance Networked Electric Vehicle Charging Stations
•Affordable, Best Value EV Charging - Get a Dual Port Networked Charging Station for theprice of the competition's Single Port Station.
•Simple Design -With only the features that are needed.
•Sleekest, Thinnest Footprint - Saves on valuable real estate.
•Industry's Most Durable, Long-Lasting Stations - Made with rugged ¼" aircraft-grade andmarine-grade aluminum.
•Charges Two Vehicles Faster - No Power Sharing Required - Unlike competitors, Tellus DualPort Level 2 Chargers deliver a full 7.2 kW charge to both vehicles simultaneously.
•Future-Proofed & Secure - Tellus uses latest RFID technology, plus built-in numeric keypadfor secure pin number authorization.
•Field-Swappable Modular Components
•Industry's Longest Warranty
•Full Line of Products: Pedestal Mount, Pole Mount, Wall Mount
•Made in USA
TELLUS: Lowest Cost of Ownership + Best Driver Experience
Built Stronger
No Additional Safety Bollards Needed - Saves You $500-$700 Per Station - Housing is built with rugged, ¼" aluminum that's weatherproof and corrosion resistant (bottom 1/3 of housing can be filled with concrete, eliminating the need for protective bollards).
Total Control Via Secure Online Network
Change pricing, rates, and charging session times instantly. Get real-time 24/7 online charging station monitoring and reports.
Simpler Design
No Costly Video Displays to Break Down or Vandalize - Uses 3.5" LCD screen with first-time charging session activation message sent directly to driver's cell phone.
Best Mobile Advertising Solution
Allows promotions sent directly to driver's cell phone or Email
Fastest First-Time Driver Activation
No 800 number to call, drivers input their cell number, and get a text message, activating the charger.
Reliable Performance Year-After-Year
Proven fleet deployments for the city of Houston.
All models are available in Pole, Pedestal, or Wall-mount versions
Pole Mount Dual Port Level 2
Non-Gateway Wall Mount
Non-Gateway Pedestal Mount
AC Power Input
208-240VAC 60Hz., single phase @ 40A x 2. <10W continuous power (standby)Power Connections Dual Port Level 2, Level 2: (2) Independent 40A branch circuits
Required Breaker Panel
(2)40A Dual pole breaker (non GFCI type) for each port (80A total)Output Current 30A Continuous x 2
Station Power Output
7.2kW Max (208-240VAC @ 40A) for each port Wiring (2)208-240 VAC and shared Earth/Ground. Total 5 wires
EV Charging Connector
SAE J1772TM (Level 2) EV Charging Cable 18' Long
Onboard Controls
Back lit soft-touch numeric keypad Display 3.5" Back lit LCD monochrome (non-reflective, heated UV coated, with auto ambient light sensor)
Network Connectivity
LAN: hard wired Cat 5 for master/slave stations. WAN: Cellular network for the master station RFID Reader Active multi-standard
Data Inputs/Outputs
Rj45 x 2 (CAT-5 Ethernet cable connects Gateway station to Non-Gateway station)
Construction Housing: 1/4" aluminum; Base Pad 1/2" Aluminum;
End Caps: Aluminum; Head: Polycarbonate plastic Housing Color Gray
Enclosure Rating
NEMA 3R Operating Temperature -30° to +130°F (-35° to +55°C)
Operating Humidity
Up to 95% non-condensing Terminal Block Temp. Rating 212°F (100°C)
Plug Out Protection
Power cut-off per SAE J17712TM specifications Ground Fault Protection 20mA CCID20 with 3 auto retry
Open Safety Ground Detection
Monitors safety (green wire) ground connection Surge Protection 6kV@3000A (additional protection at panel advised)
Power Metering Accuracy
2% -/+ Accuracy Power Report/Store Interval 15-minute, aligned to hour
Grid Health Protection
Line voltage & frequency detection logging Safety Certification ETL Listed. Complies: UL 2231-1, UL 2231-2, UL 2594, UL 991; NEC Article 625 for J1772
Pole Model: 30 lbs., Wall Model: 30 lbs., Pedestal: 73 lbs. Environmental Data Housing: RoHS compliant major components
Pole/Wall Mount: 54" H X 7" W Pedestal Mount: 70" H X 7" W. Direct Burial Pedestal Mount: 102" H X 7" W
Base Pad Size
12" x 12" x 12" (Pedestal Mount Only) Warranty 1-Years - Parts Only
Country of Origin
USA Gunner GoldieRenewable Technology Specialist
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