Our security experts can help you design and deploy IP-based video surveillance systems that leverage the benefits of fiber-optic technology, including fast and long-distance connections that are immune to electromagnetic interference. Our top-of-the-line IP camera and access control solutions help to protect your facilities and assets, no matter how large or critical, while remaining cost effective and versatile.

IP Cameras

With an IP (internet protocol) camera, your business can count on fast, reliable and long-distance video surveillance that stands up to large amounts of data transmission. You don’t need to worry about interruptions caused by a lightning storm or other electromagnetic interference. Fiber-optic-based surveillance is ideal for long-range applications, including city, warehouse and airport surveillance.

Access Control Systems

Ease your worries about protecting your personnel and assets with networked access control solutions. We offer a broad range of easy-to-use access control systems that will enable you to manage access levels to your facilities and networks, all while meeting regulatory compliance standards.

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