Many around us define the term “success” by the amount of money in their bank account, the quantity of employees on the payroll, or by how many trips they take in a year. However, I believe it should be defined a little bit differently. Following my start date at Gresco in April of 1995, I have been blessed to witness substantial growth and numerous milestones within the company. Our territories have expanded, employee numbers have increased, and we have survived and assisted our customers in many storms and hurricanes. These are wonderful things, things that I am blessed to be able to report, but the success that I have truly found lies within the people of Gresco and those around us. 

2019 was another great year for Gresco! Not only were we able to reach new heights above what we accomplished in 2018, we also gave back to the community by raising $11,000 for St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital with the help of our customers and employees who believe in supporting those around us. Thank you to our committed customers and dedicated employees who make each year better than the last. Because of you, Gresco continues to thrive, as well as the relationships that keep us going. Without the dedication of our Lighting Team, Sales Engineers, Tool & Safety Specialists, Telecom Team, and the Warehouse and Operations Teams, Gresco wouldn’t be what it is today. Our success has been defined by the people and the relationships that surround us daily both in the workplace and when visiting with our customers who have become friends. 

Thank you for your continued support and commitment to defining Gresco’s “success”. Each year is better than the last, and I look forward to another blessed year with our wonderful customers and amazing employees! 

Have a great year!

Steve Gramling
President/CEO, Gresco