Article courtesy of Mark Dennis, Director, Solar & EV Solutions

Like many other markets during this year, the Solar and EV markets have experienced a setback due to Covid-19. The good news is that both markets have an environmental impact factor, with solar power considered to be an environmentally safe option for providing electric energy and electric vehicles effective in the reduction of carbon emissions. Fortunately, as long as the sun is shining, there will be a demand for solar energy and the EV wave is beginning to develop, as well. As we have for the past 60 years in the utility world, Gresco has built relationships and trust with our customers, manufacturing partners, and contractors. When both EV and Solar markets begin to emerge, we are ready to serve.

Our solar market is not based on day-to-day sales, but rather on a project-to-project basis. Gresco was fortunate to be a part of a 2.3 MW project with Coweta-Fayette and Radiance Solar that was completed in the first quarter of 2020. Upon completion at Coweta, we began another 1.2 MW project with Jackson EMC and Radiance Solar, which began in early June. Radiance Solar has two more solar projects scheduled in 2020 and even more in the works for 2021. We can expect to see a similar pattern continue over the next few months and by the fourth quarter, we should begin to have some clarity. While we anticipate fluctuations, we remain committed and steadfast in the projects we are pursuing.

Since the virus hit, our EV market has slowed down. In months prior, several installations and projects were completed. Recent units sold per state include Georgia EMCs and Municipals, with eleven Level 2 Commercial Chargers, and Florida EMCs, with twelve Level 2 Residential Chargers. The majority of these customers intend for these chargers to be used internally to charge the company electric vehicle(s). We expect the trend of internal company use to continue; however, the need and demand for Level 2 and DC fast chargers is increasing due to an increase in EV sales. That being said, as market conditions continue to evolve, we are anticipating a major turnaround to follow.