Unlike traditional crimp-style connectors which require many different size connectors to splice 500MCM up to 1000MCM cables, just one PCS connector, the PCS12, can be utilized for all these applications. The PCS12 can be used on both aluminum and copper connectors. The chart below illustrates the different crimp connectors that a utility would need to stock in order to accomplish the same task. 

Regardless of the PCS Shear Bolt connector used, installation simply requires an 18V impact drill with a six-point deep well  ¾” impact socket. Crimp connectors on the other hand, require costly battery-operated or hydraulic tools along with a variety of dies. This means less stock in inventory at the warehouse and less inventory on the trucks of both connectors, tools, and dies! This video shows how easy it is to install these connectors, which then reduces the work time involved in completing each installation. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ck20hG0VyiY

Shear Bolt connectors are truly a WIN-WIN-WIN situation for the utility and the installer. To see the complete line of PCS Shear Bolt connectors, please visit our website at www.powerconnectors.net or contact us at [email protected].