From expert materials and industry knowledge to recommendations tailored to your needs, Gresco offers a variety of services to be your leading lighting supplier. We are here to help light your next project, whether it’s a building, parking lot, roadway, or warehouse.

Industries We Serve

  • Cooperatives
  • Municipalities
  • IOUs
  • Utility Contractors

Interior & Exterior Photometric Layouts

Proper indoor and outdoor lighting should be designed with regard to placement, intensity, safety and many additional factors. Gresco’s lighting professionals can recommend the right light, fixture and mounting placement to meet IES criteria and ensure the best lighting.

IES Recommendations

Based on the information supplied, Gresco will assist you in determining the appropriate solution for your lighting needs. We use IES Recommended Practices, AASHTO Lighting Design Guide and local ordinance requirements to help determine the project parameters that should be evaluated in our designs.

Illumination Comparisons

Need to know how much light a fixture gives out and where the light is going? Allow our expert staff to assist in photometric evaluation of products so that you can determine the best solution for your application. They compare a variety of materials to ensure you get the one you need.

Product Education

The Gresco team is equipped with the knowledge to answer any questions you may have regarding lighting materials, layouts, or projects. We are always here to help educate our customers on the design, installation and the inner workings of each lighting product.

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