Introducing Gresco's New Field Technicians Team

Published on May 20th, 2024

Gresco Utility Supply is thrilled to introduce our latest advancement within the Renewables Department: The Field Technicians Team! This new team composed of highly skilled and experienced professionals, significantly enhances our service offerings, particularly in the installation of home standby generators and electric vehicle chargers. Previously, while we excelled in offering the highest quality generators at the best price on the market, the actual home site survey, installation, and servicing were handled by external partners. Now, with the formation of the Field Technician Team within Gresco, we bring the entire value chain in-house—from consultation on generator sizing to sales, installation, and ongoing service.

This strategic enhancement not only broadens our service offerings but also deepens our commitment to providing comprehensive solutions in the home standby generator sector, with customer service, and a name you can trust.

Comprehensive Service from Start to Finish

From the initial consultation to the final installation, our team will be there every step of the way. We understand that selecting the right generator can be a daunting task, so our technicians will work closely with customers to assess their unique requirements and help them determine the optimal sizing for their home standby generator. With our extensive knowledge and access to top-quality products, we can offer the best prices and solutions tailored to each customer's needs. Once the perfect generator has been selected, our Field Technicians will handle the installation process with meticulous attention to detail. Their expertise ensures that every generator is installed to the highest standards, providing our customers with peace of mind and reliable backup power when they need it most. But our commitment doesn't end there – we also offer ongoing service and maintenance to keep generators running smoothly for years to come. This comprehensive service not only saves our customers time and effort but also ensures that they will always have a reliable source of backup power.

This all means our customers can now enjoy the convenience and assurance of a single point of contact throughout the process. No more juggling between different service providers, our team will be there to guide and assist at every step.

A Step Forward in Service

This new capability marks a significant milestone in our journey toward becoming a leader in Generators, EV chargers, and overall renewable energy solutions. By integrating the sales, sizing, installation, and service of home standby generators, we not only enhance our service offerings but also reinforce our commitment to innovation and excellence in the renewable energy sector. We invite our customers to experience the enhanced benefits of working with our Field Technicians team, where your energy needs are met with expert care and professionalism. At Gresco Utility Supply, we are excited to welcome this new chapter, confident that it will bring us closer to our goals of excellence and service to both our customers and the community.

Have questions or need assistance? Contact our Renewables Team today at 478-315-0817 or [email protected].

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