Over the past several years, Gresco has been blessed to recognize and take action in many new and exciting business ventures. By pushing forward in a multitude of business endeavors, we as a company have witnessed substantial growth in two essential arenas: industry partnerships and our employees. This trend of upward movement has been brought about through the efforts of a hard-working team, determined management and the willingness of all employees to go above and beyond when needed. As we are aware that changes are occurring both in the marketplace and throughout the industry, we have been making a few changes ourselves!

Gresco is excited to distinguish our executive management team who underwent a structural reorganization on October 1, 2016. The General Manager personnel were promoted to reflect Senior Vice President standings. The following outlines the changes that have occurred:

  • Joey Arroyo:
    • Current Title: Senior Vice President- Public Power AL, MS, LA, & TN
    • Previous Title: General Manager, AL, MS, LA, & TN
  • Chad Capps:
    • Current Title: Senior Vice President of Telecom Solutions
    • Previous Title: General Manager of Telecom Solutions
  • Todd McLellan:
    • Current Title: Senior Vice President- Supplier Relationships, IOU, Public Power FL
    • Previous Title: General Manager, FL
  • Mike Williams:
    • Current Title: Senior Vice President- Public Power GA
    • Previous Title: General Manager, GA

Meet and read the bios of our Executive Team here.