As you’re making summer travel plans, we’d like to extend a helpful reminder before you enter relaxation mode to have your hurricane plan outlined, so you can be ready and prepared for what’s to come.

Our partners at Generac have outlined steps to take before, during, and after the storm for you and your families. Be sure to save this article (or even print out a copy) as a quick reference when a storm strikes.

Before the Storm

  • Turn your refrigerator and freezer to the coldest setting.
  • Fill bathtubs and large containers with water for sanitation purposes.
  • Charge cell phones.

During the Storm

  • If evacuating, listen to orders at least twice to determine driving directions. Secure your home by unplugging appliances, turning off the water at the main valve and deactivating electricity at the breaker box, and driving directly to your designated evacuation spot, sticking to evacuation routes.
  • If sheltering in place, take shelter in the safest room in the residence. Save your cell phone battery as much as possible in case the power goes out and unplug all outlets in the event of an outage to reduce the chance of power surge-related damage when power returns. Monitor for updates via radio or television and be prepared to evacuate if the home is damaged or an emergency official gives the order.

After the Storm

  • Stay alert for potential damage and dangers that may arise after a storm. Subsequent rain can cause flooding after a hurricane has ended.
  • Do not return from an evacuation unless given permission by local authorities.
  • If there is severe damage to the home, or if you suspect a gas leak, leave immediately and contact local officials.

Generator Prep & Reminders

In need of a generator as part of your prep? Gresco is here to help! Reach out to Renewable Technology Specialist, Gunner Goldie at [email protected] or 412-977-1688 to get started.

Just a friendly reminder from Generac: Remember, NEVER put a generator inside the home. CO2 is odorless and colorless and can kill in minutes. Generac and PGMA recommend not placing a generator within five feet of any livable space. That includes a deck or patio.

If hurricanes are not a concern where you live, maybe high winds, tornadoes, or thunderstorms are. You, too, can be prepared with guides and checklists prepared by our friends at Generac. Click HERE for more info.