Gresco Partners and Customers,

Over the past 60 years, Gresco has made minor adjustments to our company logo as well as adding an additional logo to support our Technology department. To continue our growth and expansion for a successful future, we will be making minor marketing strategy changes through the remainder of 2020. We will keep our traditional red Gresco logo but will be adding verbiage relating to our company logos.

For consistency, our Gresco Technology Solutions logo will now include A Gresco Brand verbiage below this logo to highlight the bigger picture and unification of Gresco as a whole – a reminder that we are one Gresco. In some instances, the Gresco logo will be present with the Gresco Technology Solutions logo also visible. In addition, you will notice that our Telecom products will now be represented by our red Gresco logo and color scheme, rather than blue.

You can find examples of these changes to come presented below. If you have any questions about these adjustments, please reach out to our Marketing Department for clarification. 

I am looking forward to seeing where the next 60 years takes us! 

Steve Gramling


A Gresco Brand present under the Gresco Technology Solutions logo:

gresco technology solutions logo

New Customer News email banner:

gresco newsletter banner