Bubba Smith, Utility Tool Specialist (AL, TN), describes the diversity of tools and products that Gresco Tool & Safety offers. 

At Gresco, we strive to supply our customers with a full range of tools and equipment to get the job done, no matter the job. We look for the latest and most innovative tools and equipment from a host of manufacturers to keep our customers up-to-date on the latest requirements in safety and improve productivity. Our regional Utility Tool Specialists have more than 75 combined years of experience in the utility industry and can confidently handle all your tool and safety questions.

Here is a selection of Tool & Safety products that Gresco offers:

  • Electronic Test Equipment: Products range from dry cell power restoration transformers, range finders, thermal imaging cameras, wireless phasing sticks, and locators to the most basic volt meters.
  • Hydraulic Tools: Specific impact wrenches, chainsaws, long reach saws, breakers, ground rod drivers, pole tampers and crimping tools from an array of manufacturers.
  • Battery Powered Tools: 10,000 psi hydraulic pumps, 15/12/6 ton crimping tools, Bluetooth remote cable cutters, ACSR & CU/AL cutters, impact wrenches, drills, rotary hammers, chainsaws, reciprocating saws, grease guns, and portable band saws.
  • Manual Tools: Crimpers, cable cutters, bolt cutters, and various types of hoist (chain/cable/belt), ground rod drivers, tamps, and hole diggers.
  • Hand Tools: pliers, cutters, screwdrivers, hammers, shovels, sledge hammers, rakes, and pruning saws.
  • Climbing Equipment: Body belts, climbers, climber pads, tool pouches, nut/bolt bags, as well as various styles and types of wood pole fall protection.
  • Hotline Tools: Telescopic hot sticks, shotgun sticks, switch sticks, grounds, jumpers, and many other insulated tools and hand tools.
  • Chemicals: Pole setting foams, cable lubricants, fire ant treatments, wasp and hornet sprays, FR insect personal protection, rodent baits, insect deterrents, wood pecker damage repair products, lubricants, penetrants, and cleaners.
  • Truck Equipment: Jib and winch ropes, out rigger pads, wheel chocks, bucket covers, pole lifting tongs, traffic cones, work area signs, work area lights, platform buckets, bags, tools aprons and tool boards.

This is only a selection of the products and services we offer! Please don’t hesitate to contact the Utility Tool Specialist in your region with your utility tool and safety needs and questions. Whether you need a recommendation or a demonstration, we’re here to serve you, our valued customers.