Cameron Hall, Tool & Safety Services Representative, reflects on his experience in Standards and how it’s affected his approach to providing quality customer service.

I have worked in the utility industry for an investor owned utility (IOU) for seventeen years: Fifteen as a lineman and two as a Standards Distribution tech. The Standards department is where I learned the value of a distributor and the type of services they provide. As a Gresco employee today, I apply that experience to serving our customers with the same expectations and quality of service that I valued and came to expect as a customer.

It starts with the relationship. Gresco takes pride in building a relationship with each of our customers, which in turn builds trust. When I was searching for a product as a customer, I always called the vendor or distributor that I felt comfortable with first. Gresco understands this and does a great job of giving us the tools and resources to support our customers with reliable and quality customer service. Depending on the product or service, this may include providing demo tools for an evaluation, responding to quotes and lead times the day of the request, or personally delivering a tool or product in an urgent situation.

Our team comprises electrical engineers, ex linemen, and inside and outside sales representatives who are all motivated to provide quality customer service, every day and every time.

Jimmy Ash, Tool & Line Services Representative, describes safety, training and demonstrations offered to Gresco customers. 

jimmy-headshotWe know that when it comes to purchasing tools, safety and reliability considerations are at the forefront of these decisions. With access to a multitude of tools and safety products from a host of manufacturers, Gresco is committed to you, our customer, in bringing the products you need to get your utility jobs completed safely and efficiently.

Gresco Tool Representatives have extensive knowledge and real-world practical experience in all aspects of the utility industry. This includes safety management, construction and maintenance of transmission, substation and overhead/underground distribution. Our experience and knowledge come from years of working in a variety of positions at IOUs, cooperatives, municipalities, and contract utility companies.

With knowledge in safe working standards, including OSHA and ASTM, our representatives will work collaboratively with you and your utility to assist in providing tools that meet safety requirements and increase productivity, all while reducing loss-time injuries. We also provide product training and live demonstrations to assist you in making the right choices for your utility needs. These demonstrations will serve to establish the proper use of each tool as well as to ensure you attain the full range of use each product offers.

Michael McDaniel reflects on what sets Gresco apart from other distributors.

mike-headshotSeventeen years ago, things were easier and more profitable for distributors. Business back then was based on the motto “Take care of your customer.” As the years progressed and economy saw downturns, the business models for most distributors moved to focusing more on profit rather than customer service.

This is where I see Gresco as a different kind of distributor. While we still need to make a profit, Gresco was set up to provide the best service at the best price for the customers they serve. I cannot think of a better place for a salesman like myself to be working in this day and age. While I have only been here a short time, it is truly refreshing to see a company that truly puts the customer first. I do believe if Gresco continues with this philosophy, we can look forward to continuing being a valuable partner to our customers in a way the other guys just can’t.