Article Courtesy of Tim Wiley, Sales Director, UAS

The basis of every enterprise unmanned solution Gresco provides begins with gaining a fundamental understanding of the customer’s intended inspection use-case or mission deployment. Our credibility hinges on a demonstrated ability to deliver reliable solutions for those serving in the utility, industrial, transportation, and public safety industries.

As the industry continues to demand greater efficiencies for a broader set of applications, we are met with challenges to improve our agility and innovation. By embracing our vendor-agnostic approach to expand the depth and breadth of technology offerings, we are uniquely positioned to do so with confidence. Most recently, we have onboarded a west coast heavy-lift (Unmanned Aerial Solution) UAS manufacturer, Inspired Flight, and a Canadian underwater Remotely Operated Vehicle (ROV) & Robot maker, Deep Trekker. Both additions add value to our existing arsenal of unmanned vehicles, sensors, software, training, and services.

Implementing these newfound unmanned solutions within environments we have only just begun exploring, will most certainly enable our customers to advance their abilities to provide greater program resiliency, reliability, and safety standards. Incorporating modular land-based robots and submersible aquatic ROVs expands use-case possibilities to meet evolving needs.

Implementing these versatile platforms assists in the collection of reliable data sets when traversing hard-to-navigate above-ground settings, subterranean confined spaces, and/or underwater environments resulting in much more comprehensive deliverables. Providing the right tool for the right job is how we best develop and sustain meaningful relationships with our customers and manufacturers.

gresco experts at drone demonstration

Another way we accomplish customer success is by seeking out solutions that can be used among multiple platforms. As each new solution is added to our existing lineup, we take additional steps, when possible, to ensure technology integration and data security with devices that collect, transmit, and store information.

As we continue to find ways to serve your individual needs, we invite you to experience some of our newest and most capable unmanned solutions through participation in live Inspection/Mission demonstrations, breakout sessions with subject matter experts, and industry leader panel discussions!

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