It has been a wet, gloomy, and cold winter. Discovering a service route for our solar members has been a challenge; however, there is light at the end of the tunnel and Gresco’s future in Solar is now looking brighter!

The market for solar is different from our traditional utility channel. Gresco is the utility market channel, providing materials and services for our members, but EPC (Engineering, Procurement and Construction) contractors are the solar market channel. Our efforts to partner with EPC contractors have been successful and we have been able to purchase material for solar projects in Alabama, Georgia, and Florida.


In the third quarter of 2017, Gresco was awarded the material for 11 municipal 50KW solar projects in Alabama through the Alabama Municipal Electric Authority. In December, we completed two of the eleven projects – The City of Dothan and the City of Luverne. We partnered with Cantsink, an EPC solar contractor in Atlanta, for the racking material and assisted with racking and panel installation. We purchased inverters and provided all the BOS (Balance of Supplies) – solar PV wire, THHN and THHW wire, conduit and junction boxes and panel from stock – and delivered to each job site with the assistance from our Dothan, Alabama warehouse. Three of the remaining nine projects will start in late February or early March.


We have also partnered with Radiance Solar, another EPC solar contractor in Atlanta, to provide material for a 1.2MW project with Irwin EMC in Georgia and two 20KW rooftop projects for Clay Electric Cooperative’s Orange Park and Palatka Division offices in Florida.

Additionally, we are working closely with Independent Green Technologies, an EPC solar contractor in Tallahassee, Florida, on a 500KW solar project for Talquin Electric Cooperative in Florida. We hope to secure all of the material for this job soon, and the project is expected to break ground this spring.

We have been fortunate to partner with each of these EPC solar contractors and some major manufacturers of solar material, including: Jinko, Canadian Solar and Seraphim for panels; SMA and Sungrow for inverters; Prysmian Group for PV wire; Cooper Power Systems for breaker panels; and Cantsink for racking and installation.

If you have any questions regarding Gresco’s solar services, please contact Mike Williams at [email protected].