It can be tempting to just get a new tool when an old one breaks or malfunctions, but is that the most cost-effective solution? Sometimes it is, but other times, a quick repair is all that’s needed.

Did you know that Gresco can repair your tools? Our team coordinates directly with the manufacturer to ensure correct repairs. Once it’s fixed, we deliver the tool back in a timely manner.

Gresco is an authorized repair center for product brands, like Greenlee and Huskie, and is currently the only authorized Huskie repair center and warranty center in Georgia. Our tool repair center repairs low/high pressure hydraulic tools, manual tools, load break tools, battery-powered tools, strap and chain hoists and many more.

We also offer custom temporary protective grounding (TPG) and mechanical jumpers. These assemblies are built at our Forsyth, Georgia location to the highest industry standards. We utilize the latest in crimping technology to ensure all our crimps are correct and consistent.

Have a tool in need of repair or interested in custom TPG or mechanical jumper? Contact your Gresco representative today!