As long as the sun is shining, we will have a source of electricity. Many of you are already participating in solar power generation in one form or another, and we regret not previously being in a position to support and serve you. Even though we “saw the light” years ago, the solar power market had been a difficult one to enter and it was challenging to find a way that we can serve our customers.
At the direction of Steve Gramling, our President and CEO, and in an effort to embrace this new market and to fulfill our vision – to be the industry leader in innovative supply chain solutions – we are excited to announce that Gresco can now be the source for all your solar power needs!

Gresco has partnered with many of the major manufacturers to become an authorized distributor so we can become your solution for community solar projects as well as residential and small commercial applications.  We not only can provide the individual components such as solar modules/panels, inverters, racking, switches, and transformers but we can also provide turn-key solutions for your entire project.  Several of our manufacturing partners are EPC (Engineering, Procurement and Construction) contractors, which means we can offer a complete one-stop solution, including design, site preparation, material procurement, installation and maintenance.

If solar is in your future or if you just have questions, please contact us. We are prepared to discover how Gresco can become your source for solar!

Download the Gresco Solar Line Card.