Gresco has partnered with Generac to offer market-leading home standby generators that provide coverage for the entire home!

Although we sell all Generac product lines, the stock unit is a Generac 22KW Response Series with one transfer switch and pad included. The “Response Series” is utility grade and EPA certified for non-emergency applications. The technology allows you to monitor the status of your generator from anywhere in the world using a smartphone, tablet, or PC.

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What would I need as far as Propane Tank or Natural Gas?

  1. The minimum size propane tank is 250 gallons. It will differ in different areas.
  2. We have researched the cost, and it is approximately $2,000 depending upon other gas appliances you may own already.
  3. Contact your Natural Gas provider, and the Generac installer will take care of installation.

Can I finance a unit? 

  1. Yes, through your local credit union.
  2. Credit Card payment will add 3% to the cost to process, and a certified check is needed prior to approval. 
  3. Gresco will not be responsible for any payment to installer or financial institution.
  4. Payment will need to be paid in full before products leave Gresco unless otherwise provided. 

What is the cost to maintain my generator? 

The Generac certified installer will offer a maintenance contract when installed if it’s an Anderson Power installer. 

Would this generator power my home? 

  1. Yes, it will power a 2,500 sq. ft. home, or smaller.
  2. If you have (2) 200-amp disconnects in your home, you will need a second transfer switch.
  3. A site survey will determine the extra transfer switch material and generator size. 

What is the warranty? 

  1. 7 years, with parts and labor from Generac.
  2. Generac will offer an additional 3 years. Call your District Manager for pricing. 

What is the cost of the Generator Sales/Installations? 

Please check with your local representative to determine pricing. A site survey will need to be done to determine pricing for installations. 

Contact a Gresco representative today at 855-705-1800 to learn more!