After 22 years at Gresco as President & Chief Executive Officer, Jere T. Thorne will formally retire on April 30, 2016. Since becoming CEO, Jere Thorne has demonstrated extraordinary leadership and compiled an impressive log of organizational growth and success.

With much confidence, Gresco announces the appointment of Stephen B. Gramling as the successor President & Chief Executive Officer, effective January 1, 2016.Steve has more than twenty years of dedicated work in the organization and last served as Executive Vice President & Chief Operating Officer of Gresco. He is well-respected in the industry, as well as among customers and employees, and is recognized as an energetic leader with high integrity. Steve fully acknowledges that he is in the business of serving customers, while also fully respecting that it takes an entire team of motivated and informed employees to support the prosperity of customers and to continue the success of Gresco.

The Board of Directors offers appreciation and congratulations to both Jere and Steve for their leadership of Gresco, as well as their personal achievements in earning the next step in a fruitful career.