Hioki Launches the Phase Detector PD3129 and PD3129-10
Hioki Launches Digital Phase Detector PD3259

Hioki previously launched the 3129 series as a no-metal-contact phase detector in 2004, followed by the 3129-10 with a larger voltage sensor in 2007. Before that time, most similar instruments had metal clips that had to be affixed to measurement terminals, which raised concerns about electric shocks and short-circuits. The 3129 gained a large customer base following its launch because it allowed users to avoid such hazards.

Hioki Phase Detectors PD3129 and PD3129-10

PD3129 and PD3129-10, launched in 2015, make it even easier to check measurement results by adding illumination to the arrow located in the middle of the instrument. The PD3129 has voltage clips with a measurable diameter of 2.4 to 17 mm, while the PD3129-10 offers clips that have a measurable diameter of 7 to 40 mm. Some of the features include:

  1. Illuminated arrow for intuitive detection.
    When the PD3129 series detect normal phase, the arrow in the middle of the instruments turn green, making it easy to verify normal phase. Since the indicator is designed so that it appears clearly when photographed, the instruments are convenient to use in photographs taken for use as visual proof in reports.
  2. Easy verification of measurement results with LED and a buzzer.
    The PD3129 and PD3129-10’s measurement results also can be checked with an LED and a buzzer. The LED’s flash pattern and the buzzer’s tone differ for normal and reverse phases, providing an intuitive understanding of measurement results.
  3. Functionality to make site work even more convenient.
    The PD3129 and PD3129-10 also offer a range of functionality designed to provide even greater convenience in the field:

    • Battery check function: The instruments prevent abrupt loss of battery power by notifying the user of declining battery life with a flashing “ON” lamp.
    • Auto power-off: The instruments automatically turn off once they have been on for 15 minutes. This feature helps prolong battery life.
    • Magnetic back: Four magnets on the back of the instruments allow them to be secured in place on distribution panels, freeing the user’s hands for other work.

Hioki Phase Detector PD3259

Next in the evolution of non-contact measurement comes the PD3259. The PD3259 is the world’s first digital phase detector with a voltage measurement function that uses non-metallic-contact voltage sensors, allowing three-phase electrical wiring work that previously required two instruments—a phase detector and a digital multimeter—to be accomplished with a single device. Some of the features include:

  1. Fast, safe phase detection and voltage measurement with no-metal-contact voltage sensors.
    The PD3259 detects both phase rotation and measure phase voltages. It incorporates the world’s first non-metallic-contact voltage sensors, which were developed by Hioki. These sensors make it possible to detect phase and measure voltage simply by clipping the voltage sensors on the outside of each wire’s insulation, eliminating the risk of electric shock and short-circuits. Whereas the conventional approach required workers to confirm phase connections with a phase detector and then make three voltage measurements with a digital voltmeter, the PD3259 can perform all of these operations with a single measurement.
  2. A display that is large enough to show all necessary data, simplifying assessment of information.
    Because the phase detection results and three line voltages are displayed at the same time, and because the backlight color changes based on the phase detection results, it is possible to assess the state of the wiring being tested with a single glance. In addition, the instrument can be photographed at the site to provide documentation of the work performed.