On December 10th, Gresco had the privilege to partner with Oglethorpe Power for their EV Day, which focused on EV charging stations. Over 60 cooperative members, including managers, engineers and member representatives, were in attendance. Electric vehicles from manufacturers such as Tesla, BMW, and Chevy Bolt were available for members to test drive. In addition to test driving electric vehicles, participants were also able to use the 10 EV charging stations located at Gresco’s headquarters. Level 2 and Level 3 chargers from multiple manufacturers were available, including ChargePoint, Tellus, Juice Box and Signet DC Fast Chargers. 

Back in July of this year, Gresco’s CEO Steve Gramling approved the installation of these charging stations at our office for the purpose of offering hands-on training for our member cooperatives. We’ve had a few opportunities, mainly one-on-one sessions, to showcase our chargers, but this event gave us the chance to do exactly what we had hoped – an opportunity to show, inform and train our members on EV charging. We are excited to continue to broaden and expand our products and services to our members through our EV program.

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