Gresco has four district managers overseeing the operations of each of their divisions and customers throughout the southeast. To conclude the 2020 year and looking to the new year ahead, Gresco wants to ensure that you, our customers, know a little about each of our district managers – their experience in the industry, the challenges we face, and the anticipations for the years ahead.

*Each section is written from the perspective of the district manager.

Jason Champion, District Manager – Alabama, Mississippi, and Tennessee

I have been a district manager for over three years and have been at Gresco for 21 years in total. Before that, I worked for an electrical supply company in the commercial & industrial market for three years prior to joining Gresco.

My favorite part about working for Gresco has been the personal growth I have experienced, the many long-lasting relationships that have been formed, and the opportunities I have been afforded to serve our customers.

Like most, our biggest challenge of 2020 was dealing with the Covid-19 pandemic and overcoming the disruptions associated with it. We learned how to meet the needs of our employees and customers in a rapidly changing environment. In addition to the unprecedented situations brought on by the pandemic, many of our customers also faced hurricanes this season. Our team worked tirelessly to make sure we were there to support and serve those affected by these storms.

In terms of growth, Gresco recently expanded into the Tennessee market by opening a warehouse in Nashville to better serve our Tennessee customers. Along with the facility, we continue to add key team members to support this territory, as well as various roles across all markets to help meet our customers’ changing needs like engineers, telecommunication specialists, and salespeople. 

In the coming year, we are looking forward to helping customers who are entering into the fiber arena, installing electric vehicle chargers and starting solar projects, just to name a few. As we continue to grow and change, we are committed to find better ways to support our customers.

Justin Davis, District Manager – Georgia

I have been the district manager of our Georgia division for over three years. I started in the Wildwood warehouse in October of 2002 and have been thankful to be part of the tremendous growth at Gresco over the past 18 years.

My favorite part about working for Gresco is the people – the Gresco family, our customers, and the many friendships made over the years. The electric utility market is full of a great group of people!

The biggest challenge of 2020 was keeping everyone safe while exceeding the level of service we wish to provide our customers. This year has been challenging for many, including our customers. We have worked very hard to maintain the same customer experience and commitment they have grown to know and rely on from our Gresco team. I’m very proud of what we have accomplished in these challenging times.

The Georgia division has grown tremendously over the past few years. We have added many new services and solidified partnerships with key manufacturers. In addition, we have added new personnel, trucks, and expanded our facility to keep up with the growing needs of our customers. We are blessed to have grown in many ways. As far as news on the horizon, we have recently added new team members to our sales group – Andrew Narmore and Katie Joyce as Account Managers and Gunnar Fletcher as Inside Sales. We plan to continue to add to our inside sales team in 2021.

In 2021 and in the years to come, we hope to support the new fiber-to-the-home opportunities with our Telecom team! We are also looking forward to being able to get back to normal visits with our customers and vendors.

Mark Grant, District Manager – Florida

I began my career with Gresco in October of 1999, shortly after the Wildwood, Florida office opened and have been the district manager here for a little over three years. I started working in the utility industry in the warehouse as a driver from 1984 to 1987 and then transitioned into inside sales and inside sales manager role for three years followed by outside sales.

My favorite thing about Gresco is the inviting, small company feel and atmosphere, despite us being one of the major distributors in the industry. I also am grateful for the freedom to make decisions, knowing others will support it if they agree it advances us toward a better version of Gresco.

The biggest challenge we have faced this year was definitely the overwhelming effects of Covid-19, especially not being able to visit and communicate face-to-face with our customers.

We are glad to say, thanks to our customers, our sales went up 18% this year.

In the coming year, we are most looking forward to getting back to some kind of normal interaction with our customers, the annual events and trade shows, and especially Fall Fest.

Justin Tarver, District Manager – Louisiana

I have been with Gresco for two and a half years and have been a district manager for one year.  I started my career as a driver/warehouseman for a Louisiana electric utility distributor in 2003. After a year of delivering and working in the warehouse, I was promoted to outside sales where I remained for 14 years prior to moving to Gresco.

Overall, I love the teamwork mentality that is Gresco. It seems like everyone truly wants to provide the best service to our customers and help the company succeed.

Much like Jason Champion’s territory, our biggest challenge in Louisiana started out being Covid-19, but quickly turned into hurricane response. 2020 ended up being the most active hurricane season on record.

I think the Louisiana division has grown simply by earning our customers’ trust. Quality products and competitive prices certainly are hard to beat, but great service and earning the customer’s trust will help keep you there.

Our division is mostly looking forward to continuing to build relationships with our customers and supplying top-notch service when and where they need it.