To our Valued Customers,

Another year has come and gone. While we have celebrated with family and friends through a wonderful holiday season, I would like to take a moment to reflect on the past year while also providing a glimpse of the coming future for Gresco. With the many blessings that Gresco witnessed throughout the year, we have been able to grow as a company in multiple ways. As a trusted partner, I would like to highlight a few growth areas that occurred in 2018:

New Employees

We are grateful to have had 40 new hires join the Gresco team in 2018. This is a 17 percent employee increase overall!

Building Expansion

As most of you are aware, construction has been underway at three of our locations: Alabama, Florida, and Georgia. Below is a chart detailing the square footage increase of each warehouse and office space. We are happy to report that most of our construction at each location is either complete or just a few months away from completion!

Total Square Footage

Location Before Expansion (sq. ft.) After Expansion (sq. ft.)
Dothan, AL: Overhang Space 500 10,000
Dothan, AL: Yard Space 25,000 30,000
Georgia Warehouse: Enclosed Space 60,000 90,000
Georgia Warehouse: Overhang/Extra Space 20,000 30,000
Georgia Warehouse: Pallet Locations 1,152 2,836
Florida Warehouse: Enclosed Space 48,750 78,750
Florida Warehouse: Overhang Space 16,250 26,250
Florida Warehouse: Pallet Locations 940 2,672
Florida Office 5,000 10,000

Hurricane Michael

We know that each of you are working tirelessly before, during, and in the aftermath of a storm. With you, Gresco dedicated an additional 2,225 hours of overtime during storm restoration. In addition, our teams recorded 16,000-line items for the month of October; our monthly average is typically 5,300. Thank you for trusting Gresco to provide the services and material you need to get the job done.

Lighting Growth

Gresco’s lighting team has been working hard over the years to develop, build, and provide you with the services and material necessary for your lighting projects. With incredibly hard work and dedication, our four-person lighting team has shaped tremendous sales growth in recent years. From 2014 to 2018, our Lighting sales have increased by 205 percent! Thank you for allowing us to enhance Gresco’s lighting knowledge through the working partnerships with each of you.

2019 is sure to be another great year! As we continue to grow and expand our team and locations, we are also working to grow our sales channel capabilities. This year, we will be launching our first ever Digital Commerce platform for you, our customers, to shop online. The online portal will allow you to research product information, request a quote, and shop in real-time. I am looking forward to sharing more details with you on this new website as we approach our launch date.

From all of us at Gresco, thank you for your continued support and dedicated partnerships. 2018 was a fantastic year, and I am looking forward to another blessed year with each of you!

Have a great year!

Steve Gramling
President/CEO, Gresco